Kristóf Erdődy organising Vén Fasz Vittula Party - regulars: "Vittula veterans" / 2016.05.13. 🗣️🍻🍸✨

Vén Fasz Vittula a.k.a Vittula Survivor Veterans Party

We have all been drinking here for a long time. It used to be our livingroom till we were able to come almost every day. Never we had to agree on meeting each other, cause somebody was just sitting at the same favourite personal spot. Locals, expats, friends, and the usual, crazy suspects... alcoholics like us. We had our fill. Not to mention events like Beach Vittula some 10 years ago with sand all over the bar turning the place in 2 days into a public ashtray. Sárgaföld Fesztivál, Panda Varieté, Nitebus, Küss Mich, Technoir! All still echo somewhere in our subconscious. As do first liveacts by bands pretty much known by now, but starting here in the dirt. Or simply cooking in huge pots with Yan, Joel and Baptiste for years. We all have shared memories about Vittula, but something is still unique about this place: it always changes and attracts new folks.

We, the Vittula Veteran Survirors being part of this legendary little shithole for 6, 10 or some of us even for 12 years would like to come together once again celebrating like in old times, when we were crawling out of the bar into the sunrise on the floor so many times over and over again. Let's do this together on the 13th!


Photograph: Kristóf Erdődy