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Material collected for this presentation are from numerous sources:

- Néhány kérdés erejéig, avagy mutáns messiások a vékony jégen
- interjút készítette Varga Ilona Ph.d. -
Budapest 2018

Thank you Ilona for sharing parts of your unfinished work!

Further sources:
- The radio interview where Hungarian writer László Márton is talking about Erdődy's published works
- other radio shows we were able to find in which Erdődy is talking
- his unpublished works we got hold of by asking for samples
- making calls
- hiring a private detective
- tracking down a handful of foreign ex-girlfriends of his to be questioned. Thx ladies!
Many thanks to Piroska Agát and Stefanie Füst for their support in translating so much from Hungarian into English to rework and inbed in our monography. Without their help we wouldn't have had the chance to gather enough information for this essay. We would like to also thank our partners for their patience! And of course Erdődy himself for his HSAM.