Tamás Szentmiklósi & Kristóf Erdődy running Toldi (Mozi) Klub / 2007-2009 🎶🎨🎭🗣️📜🍻


Tamás Szentmiklósi - teacher, translator

Kristóf Erdődy - poet, barfly

Toldi Mozi has been founded 1932 as City Mozi (Mozi = Movie Theatre) on Vilmos császár útja in Budapest.

Toldi used to be one of a handful of Budapest underground post 20h dive-bars and counter culture hideouts till 2005-2010.

Erdődy and Szentmiklósi saved some of the 1980s, even 1990s vibe by presenting the old school place

to the next generation via unusual events, performances, poetry reading nights and fusion jazz sessions.

Renovated 2008

Today Toldi is fully renovated and serves as a hyped, trendy, overfashioned hipster bar called Toldi Klub.

same name though

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