Pictures taken in Csa-Csa-Csa, Kálvin tér aluljáró club - Erdődy reading poems / 2005.03.25. 📜🍻🎶

Venue: Csa-Csa-Csa

Location: Subway underpass, downtown Budapest

Address: 1091 Kálvin tér, Budapest
(not to confuse with DPU Chachacha)


>>>>> ARTICLE (detailed)

>>>>> ARTICLE (in general)

>>>>> VIDEO of the interior

Csa Csa Csa was one of the club legends alongside West Balkan, Kultiplex and such.

Located in the underpass next to the METRO 3 (blue subway of Budapest) line.


Red lights burning.

DJ-s & attendees side by side.




The bar was evicted due to subway renovation projects:

>>>>> ARTICLE HERE (blueprints included)

Erdődy and friends had quite a few parties there. One photograph survived the decades and is published here.